To President Biden, and members of the Senate and House:

The American people know the economy is rigged in favor of the rich and they are fed up with it. Our current tax code guarantees tax breaks and loopholes for the ultra-wealthy while the working class picks up the tax bill for running the country. 

This broken system should not continue another day. We are sick of living in a country where poor and middle class American families contribute more than those who are obscenely wealthy. We demand that you remove all special loopholes that allow billionaires to pay a lower tax rate than the majority of hardworking taxpayers, and restore a basic sense of fairness to our tax code.

No more excuses. No more delays. We need change now. Tax the rich.


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  • If you make $100,000 working and a billionaire makes $100,000 selling stock, you will pay $9,000 more in taxes than the billionaire because of the tax code.
  • If you own your home and a billionaire owns 2 yachts, 3 planes, 4 Picassos, 8 racehorses, and $900 million of stock, you will pay more in “wealth” taxes than the billionaire because of the tax code.
  • If you paid more than a single penny in federal taxes last year, you paid more to run the country than FedEx, Nike, HP, and 52 other multinational corporations because of the tax code.


  • In 2017, Republicans rewrote the entire federal tax code.
  • In 2018, billionaires paid a lower effective tax rate than every other group of people in the country for the first time in American history.
  • In 2020, President Biden promised to fix the tax code and won the election.
  • In 2021, two Democratic Senators and thirteen Democratic House members blocked President Biden from fixing the tax code.
  • In November of 2022, Americans will decide if they want to do anything about it.


American billionaires made $2.1 trillion.Today, billionaires control wealth of $5 trillion, a 70% increase from 2 years ago.

The 25 richest people in the country pay an average tax rate of 3.4%. The average American pays an average tax rate of 22.4%.

Warren Buffet avoided more taxes than the other 24 richest people in the country, paying 10 cents on every $100 dollars he made. Warren Buffet says publicly he should pay higher taxes. He has done essentially nothing to make that happen.


There's no denying that corporations have seen enormous profits over the last few months.

Must we state the obvious— now is not the time for cutting corporate taxes.

Looks like @Starbucks is taking advantage of the current moment to distract folks from their anti-union, anti-worker maneuvers all over the country.

Don't be fooled.

Wanna know the real reason @SenatorSinema and @Sen_JoeManchin won't end the filibuster?

Their donors don't want them to! By sabotaging the fight for freedom, they've secured more wealthy, corporate dollars to their campaigns.

It's #PrimaryDay in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Kentucky, and Oregon!

Get out to vote and make your voices heard.


Patriotic Millionaires want to live in a country with a basic sense of fairness, where millionaires don’t get special treatment just because they’re rich. The “Other” Millionaires want special treatment, they think they deserve special treatment. They insist the economy will collapse if they pay a penny more in taxes. Nonsense. Nothing is going to collapse if millionaires pay their fair share (except for possibly an over-inflated ego or two). Join the fight.